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Mission: Strike While the Iron is Hot
While our evolution as a website is in the embryonic stage, our mission is clear and lofty: followthru.com is the link, the weblink between learning about something that fascinates you... and actually doing it.

Followthru.com will be the first place you look on the Web to find how to do the fun and interesting things you want to do! It's your link to the action.

Over that time we've noticed that right after you see a video or DVD disc on something you've always been interested in, the first thing you want to do is go out and do it. You want more information. You want to know where to go, where to get hands-on experience, where to buy or rent what you need.

Here at The Richard Diercks Company, Inc. (RADCO Media) we've been creating and producing special interest programs for more than 15 years. Our subjects range from how to go canoeing to playing golf, from kid's games to aviation and tropical fish.

Over the coming weeks and months more and more subject areas will be coming on line at followthru.com. Look for The Great Outdoors and Science Fiction next.

Editor: Content is King
Linking to the World Wide Web seems the easy solution for more information, but there are two problems. First, most web search engines are 6 to 9 months behind in their listings. Second, you get hundreds if not thousands of hits from a search. Even the relevancy ratings don't help. They're more a function of manipulating the search index than giving you what you need.

That's why there's an editor for each followthru.com web page, such as Aquaria. In addition to our own info, we provide links to other sites on the subject. The Web Editor, like a magazine editor, has reviewed and selected sites of interest with good, useful information for someone visiting from a particular disc or subject. While some are "cool" sites, the determining factor is whether or not the site provides you with the additional information you are going to need to get out there and do something.

Business and Marketing
Your company can become part of followthru.com by passing the editor's scrutiny and we will create a link to your website from followthru.com, or by advertising to our users.

Visitors to followthru.com are not "hits" or "clicks". They are people interested in an activity, people who usually are beginning their journey of discovery. Our visitor's form an affinity group that is qualified and motivated. Most visitors come to us through a direct link on a DVD disc they purchased. If I just spent over $15.00 on a disc to learn about canoeing or golfing or anything...I'm pretty well committed to the next step. It's one of those times where business interests and customer interests are aligned and in phase.

If you would like more information please contact us at marketing@followthru.com.

Retail Acceptance
While there is resistance to weblinks on disc-based product from many retailers, followthru.com is understood as a valuable consumer benefit and is accepted by DVD and CD-ROM retailers.

DVD and CD Developers and Producers
Now followthru.com can be part of your next DVD or CD-ROM title. It can be an important consumer added-value to the program. By adding followthru.com, you can begin building a relationship with your customers. For more information on licensing followthru.com, please contact us at license@followthru.com.

Contact us.
What do you think? How can we get better?
  We are interested in your feedback. And, yes we know we have a long way to go. Help us with your ideas for topics and features.

If you operate a website that you think should be included in the Aquaria website or any of the other followthru.com websites under development, please contact us.

E-mail us comments and ideas at mail@followthru.com. For technical information contact webmaster@followthru.com.

Or, you can simply call or write us:

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